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If you are interested in adopting one of the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge horses for the fall, please review our adoption process this year.  The last few Challenges have been a bit unusual with COVID-19, but we’re going back to our normal, pre-COVID Expo adoption procedures. We know we have a lot of folks interested in the Challenge horses and we have tried to work out a procedure that is fair, clear, and not too overwhelming to the Adoption Team.

If you are interested in adopting a Challenge horse – even if you do not know which horse you are interested in yet – you will need to complete an adoption application and complete your membership.  You can read about how adoption works and access our application at Please do not be intimidated by the word application – we’re just gathering some info on your needs and experience so we can help you make the best match possible.  We want you and your adopted horse(s) to be happy!  If you are already an approved adopter, you can skip this step – you do not need to reapply.

Once you have submitted your complete adoption application, the Adoption Team, will touch base with you. If you are interested in a particular Challenge horse, you can let the adoption team know which horse(s) you are interested in and you will be placed on their “Interest list”.  Home visits will start Sept 4th. Also, please note – the waitlist for each horse will start Sept. 4. After you have been approved as an adopter, please email the adoption team your Top 2 choices starting Sept 4, and not before. If you are already approved, please contact the adoption team at to let her know which horse(s) you are interested in, again, not until Sept 4.  You can be on the list for two horses at a time and can be first in line for only one horse at a time.  If you change your mind about adoption, are no longer able to adopt, or are interested in a different horse, please contact the adoption team at to let her know. 

Starting September 4 at 9am, approved adopters can write the adoption team at to get on a horse’s list. You can only be first on one horse at a time so when you email let the adoption team know your 1st choice is and then your 2nd choice. She will also need your cell phone for the day of the event because we’ll be texting folks who aren’t first in line to let them know when they can come look at the horse(s) they’re interested in. The adoption team will contact people the week of the Expo and Challenge to let them know if they’re first in line for a horse and with the time they need to be there to adopt (and if you don’t arrive during that time, we’ll move on to the next person). If you are not 1st in line, check in at the adoption table once you arrive. You’ll be put on the horse’s waiting list – sometimes the 4th or 5th person on the list is the one who ends up adopting, so don’t despair if you aren’t first in line.

A few notes:  The only folks who can adopt before the Challenge are the trainers (if they fall in love, we don’t want to make them give up their Challenge horse). Everyone else will need to adopt IN PERSON at the event. Adoption fees on Challenge horses will be half-price, and there will also be some non-Challenge horses there (their fees will not be half-price). You will need to arrange transportation for your horse after he/she is done competing in the Challenge. Non-Challenge horses can leave as soon as they’re adopted. All horses must be picked up from the Expo center by 10am on Sunday, October 8th. If you leave your horse overnight on the 7th, you will be responsible for feeding and watering your horse Sat. evening.

Training Challenge competitors will have until September 1, 2023 to adopt their Challenge horses. After September 4th, the adoption team will start contacting potential adopters to let them know they’re first in line for a horse.  If you are first in line for a horse, the adoption team will contact you to arrange a home visit or to visit the horse at the Expo. If you visit a horse at the Expo and decide he/she is not a good fit, you may visit other horses who are available for adoption at the Expo.  It isn’t unusual for someone to come see one horse but end up adopting a completely different horse instead!

At the Expo, the Training Challenge competitors will be available to show you the horses and answer questions about them during designated times (we will finalize that schedule when the event is closer). For rideable horses, you will be able to test ride the horse in a round pen and we strongly encourage you to wear a riding helmet when you do so. If you are 17 and under, you will be required to wear a riding helmet.  Proper footwear is also required. If you decide to adopt the horse, you will need to visit the adoption team to sign the adoption contact and pay the adoption fee.  You will then be able to take your horse home once he/she is done competing.

We may also have other horses available for adoption who are not in the Challenge.  We will have volunteers who can show those horses to you, and if you adopt a non-Challenge horse you can take him/her home once you have signed the contact and paid the fee.

Adopted horses may be taken home after the adoption is complete and the horse has competed in all events or no later 8pm Saturday night or between 8am and 10am on Sunday morning. If you will need to leave your adopted horse Saturday night, please make sure to bring feed and water buckets for him and make sure he has been fed and watered Saturday evening. 

For Challenge competitors:

Training Challenge competitors will have until September 1, 2023 to adopt their Challenge horses. If you are a Challenge competitor and want to adopt your horse, please contact the training challenge coordinator at as soon you know you want to adopt. If you adopt before we send out fostering stipends, we will take the stipend amount off your adoption fee.  You can adopt at any time and still compete, but please let us know if you do not plan to compete so we can update the competition schedule.  The absolute last date you may adopt is September 1.  We must have your adoption fee and contract by September 1 or we will make the horse available to other adopters, and we will no longer be able to grant extensions.

However, if a neighbor or fellow boarder at your facility meets your adopted horse and is interested in adopting him or her, he/she will need to apply and contact the adoption team. We cannot promise that he/she will be first in line, but we will do our best to accommodate your recommendations.