Changes for 2021:
The spring and fall Challenges will have the same format:  Obstacle course, free style, and a new basic skills test.

The basic skills test is designed to show potential adopters how the horse is to handle.  The test will consist of basic skills such as picking up all four feet, loading in a trailer, standing for fly spray, etc.

Changes for 2019:

  • A single trainer can now take a maximum of two horses for a training challenge with a special provision governing the ability to drop out of the challenge with one horse but continue in the challenge with the remaining horse.
  • Competitors can now move from one category to the other with permission from the training challenge coordinator.
  • Provision governing the use of spurs and excessive force have been added.
  • The Training Challenge Coordinator will create all social media pages and oversee the prudent use of the pages.
  • Revamped scoring system to allow more points to be awarded for promotion of training challenge horses on the social media pages.

Changes for 2018:

  • Competitors must submit a horse evaluation form within two weeks of picking up their horse. This year, if competitors do not submit the form by the deadline, points will be deducted from the scorecard at the event.
  • There is a new category: Foster horse in Hand for competitors under the age of 12. Those competitors must be supervised by a professional trainer or adult family member who has extensive horse experience.
  • We have eliminated the ground manners video competition. We still encourage competitors to make videos showing off their horses’ ground manners, but there will no longer be a competition for the best video.
  • Since one of the goals of the Training Challenge is to help horses get adopted, and in an effort to help find horses home we have added a horse promotion portion to the Training Challenge. Additional points will be added to each score for promoting the horse on Facebook. (This takes the place of the Facebook Fan/Most popular competition). The point breakdown is in the rulebook.
  • Even if a competitor decides not to compete in the Challenge, he/she is responsible for bringing his/her horse to the Expo or returning the horse to an approved Bluebonnet foster home (approved by the Foster Home Coordinator) before the Expo.

Details and clarification on these summaries can be found in the Rulebook.