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2022 Bluebonnet Horse Expo & Training Challenge Sponsors

Please help us put on another excellent horse Expo & Training Challenge.  The horses and humans at Bluebonnet as will horse lovers from across Texas and beyond will thank you! Learn more HERE.

At the Bluebonnet Level
Equine Mobile Veterinary Services – Kris Anderson, DVM

At the Hero Level
Route 2 Ranch Hay Sales – Frank & Milinda Sill

At the Grand Champion Level
Country Forklift – Ed & Judy Bancroft
Evy Gillum
Kay Mooreland
Julie Upchurch

At the Champion Level
Lynn Ciavarini
Anne Feltus
Hailey & Leslie Kinsel Horses – Leslie Kinsel
Kelly Jefferson
David Ruggles
Runnin Free Ranch – Amy Dojahn
Mary Sheehan
Chris Tudor

At the Rosette Winner Level
Hollye Davis
Catherine Fambrini
Carla Gibson
Paul Sherland

At the Trophy Winner Level
Eleni Brooks
Kelly Carlson
Barbara Chopek
Lynn Ciavarini
Bharath Dade
Star Dill
Jennifer Dunning
Dusty Burro Ranch – Kenneth & Sherry Koenig
Janice Erickson
Expert Equine Appraisal – Virginia Lowry
Carrie Grimm
Margaret Harris
Heather Hoffman
Hummingbird Hill Horse Training
Sharon Jacobson
Nicola Ladkin
Penny Leisch
Lynda Marderness
Judith McGeary
Robin Morin
Gayna Smith
Sheril Smith
John Strawn
Sarah Thompson
Thru Rileys Eyes – Kat Laughlin
Leslie Valladares
Sheila Whetstone

At the Blue Ribbon Level
Caryl Cheney-Morgan
Teresa Joyclyn Corgill
Cindy Davis
Claudia Grimnes
Catherine Haffner
Cindy Hoffman
Miranda Prather
Jennie Ritchie
Brenda Rossini
Komra Beth Salo
Marchelle Taylor

At the Winner Level
Lynnette Calabrese
Anne-Marie Carnine
Margaret Dawson
Pamela & James Hall
Tammy Holsey
Richard Keith
Sheila Meeks
Marianne Naufel
Aspen Nairn
Star Spangled Stampede Equestrian Drill Team – Twylight Allison
Toni Stevens
Rhonda Vaja
Barbara Wood

Bluebonnet Horse Expo &Training Challenge sponsors allow us to put on a great expo. Funds from sponsorships pay for the cost of the facility, cost of advertising, and the myriad expenses that go into putting on a great event. Money raised during the event supports the horses of Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society: it pays vet bills, farrier bills, costs of investigating neglect reports, costs of seizing horses, costs of preparing for court, and more. Our goal is to pay all necessary expenses with sponsorships – so that all the money raised on the day of the event can go to helping us help horses.

Email us to discuss sponsorship options.

Become a Bluebonnet Horse Expo Sponsor – Be Part of a Great Event! Learn More HERE.